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One-piece smart swimsuit (Scarlet Magical Forest)

One-piece smart swimsuit (Scarlet Magical Forest)

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Only confident and audacious women would wear smart one-piece swimsuit "Scarlet". Why is that so? This model has high cutouts on the hips, and the main secret is in the back - thong panties. “Magical Forest” provides you with an opportunity to be both enigmatic and bright. The print is so magical that it is impossible to go by and not to notice this clothing item. No one can ignore it.

Main advantages of the smart-swimsuit:
1. You get a perfect even tan without white spots.
2. Functions as body shaper and builds your figure
3. You don’t get hot wearing the smart swimsuit, it also dries quickly
4. The fabric of all the products is elastic and offers plenty of smooth support and lift without bra pads.

1. Smart swimsuit "Scarlet" is created with the elastic mesh and works as an SPF 35 sunscreen protection.
2. Bra and pants area is additionally protected by extra lining with SPF 50 sunscreen protection.
3. At the back ties create a keyhole that makes your look more sophisticated.
4. There are no bra pads in the swimsuit, although it is possible to sew them in.
5. There is a cutout in the shoulders.
6. High thigh panty fit.
7. It is backless.

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Women's dimensional grid

Sizes Bust Waist Hip
XXS 72-76 55-59 79-83
XS 79-82 60-64 84-90
S 84-88 66-72 92-96
M 91-95 74-78 98-103
L 98-103 80-85 105-110
XL 106-111 87-92 113-117


The mesh is designed for height 165-175 cm. If your height is different, no big deal. Write to our managers, we will select your ideal size. 

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